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Emergency Computer Incident Response Team

Please note: If your system is currently under threat from an outside force or a catastrophic loss of data, please call us immediately at 1-360-635-0991.


Our Emergency Computer Incident Response Team Is Standing By

IT Professionals

Our team of trained professionals is available 24/7 to provide you expedited recovery when disaster strikes. Security breaches, system outages, and data loss shouldn't wait until Monday morning. Call eCIRT!


Emergency Response

  • Computer viruses
  • Hacking attempts and Denial of Service
  • Hardware and software failures
  • Network connectivity issues
  • Data recovery

Our emergency response representatives are trained and prepared to tackle any IT incident, day or night. They are trained to get the job done quickly and efficiently, starting with the most damaged systems and working their way back, getting your systems back online in record time. Don't let your infrastructure problems put your business operations on hold any longer than necessary.




When you call, our top priority is to service your systems and bring your business back up to a functional state. We will assist you over the phone or immediately or send a representative, depending on what the situation calls for. When working on a simple non-contracted payment basis, our services are available for a minimum of one hour (Remote Assistance only) or two hours (On-Site), with time thereafter charged at a simple, hourly rate. Should your problem require an on-site visit, a one-time travel charge is applied.


HIPAA Compliance

We understand the business challenges of the healthcare industry. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) represents one of the most complex and challenging regulations to stay in compliance with. Don't take on regulatory compliance without help; call eCIRT.


Our business is helping you adhere to security requirements, no matter the source. When you need to comply with federal regulations, eCIRT is the team to call. Don't wait until you get audited to find out your infrastructure needs to be changed. We will assess your systems, compare your security posture with regulatory requirements, and provide a gap analysis and recommendations for closing the gaps.


We are experts on the security principles and practices that dictate the HIPAA privacy, security, and enforcement rules. If you're expecting an audit or simply want to be sure that every requirement is being met, call the professionals and get it done right.


Get Secure Before there's a problem

Without proper security controls, the vulnerabilities in your computer systems will expose your organization to threats that may impede business operations. Don't wait for a computer emergency to get the security help you need. eCIRT's computer security experts are highly trained and well equipped to analyze the security posture of your IT infrastructure. We have the skills and the tools to swiftly expose weaknesses in your systems and create a detailed action plan for hardening your systems and reducing costly threat exposures.

  • Identifies critical IT assets
  • Oriented for Risk Management and cost savings
  • Prioritizes risks by probability and impact
  • Provides detailed descriptions of findings
  • Recommends actions and detailed corrective procedures
  • Includes extra resources, information, and tools where available
  • Creates a security baseline to help manage system changes in the future
  • Can prepare you for audits

Our staff will assume the role of an attacker trying to compromise your systems and find every possible entry point. We use a combination of techniques that involve network analysis, system probing, data injection, scripting, and software exploitation to gather information and expose possible weaknesses in your systems. We are trained to assess security without doing harm to your systems or compromising the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your assets. The resulting Comprehensive Security Assessment Report will tell your technicians everything they need to know to deploy strong security measures and reduce risk. If you want our team to handle your security, eCIRT will send technicians to get the job done without hassle.


About Consortium

Consortium Services has been a contributing member of the computer technology industry since 1999, specializing in web design and hosting services, as well as custom web application development.

Our collaborative skills give us an advantage on any project you may dream up or may require assistance to further. Most of our clients have existing software that just doesn't quite cut it for the job. We're here to bridge the gap between what you have and what you need; efficiently, affordability, and professionally.

Serving the Portland Metropolitan Area

Our network operations center is located in the heart of downtown Portland, OR. Consortium offices are located in Portland OR, and Vancouver WA, however, we commonly do business all over the United States and Canada.

Microsoft Certified Professionals


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