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Security Assessments & Planning

We will cover all aspects of security from remote access VPN services to locked doors. We know security and take a layered approach to assessing and planning a strong, pro-active security plan. We target the most immediate threats to your business processes and preserve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and services.


Network Assessments & Planning

A good, cost effective network utilizes available resources to their maximum. Whether your network is large are small, efficiency is the key to smooth and reliable networking. Downtime is expensive. Closing your doors for days or even weeks will be very damaging. Planning a network from the very beginning can prevent problems that would otherwise go unmitigated, and can reveal unnecessary costs. We can plan a setup that fits your needs exactly.


Project Management

Need someone to manage a project throughout the entire process from planning and implementation to monitoring? Consortium Services was built on the principals of good project management. Don't tackle the logistics and technical details by yourself. We've seen all the pitfalls in launching new projects or continuing existing projects without professional management. Let us carry the weight of your business plans and pave the way to your goals.


Project Recovery

Sometimes it is necessary to take corrective actions to keep a project going. The scope of the project may need to be extended, the parameters adjusted, or the timeline elongated. Didn't have a plan B? Don't worry, we will determine the best course of action and formulate a new plan to breathe new life into the project. Whether you need to abandon a project or transition to a new one, we can find the lowest-impact method to minimize financial losses.


Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster can strike when you least expect it and are most vulnerable. Developing plans and procedures to deal with all conceivable incidents is the only way to prepare for what lies ahead. Power outages don't necessarily mean business outages, harsh weather doesn't necessary result in losses, and safety doesn't have to be compromised. Planning and preparedness is critical for business continuity, asset protection, and ensuring the safety of your staff. We've worked in risk management long enough to know the best strategies for disaster recovery planning.


Business Planning

Have you finally invested in making your dream a reality, but you're not sure how it should pan out? We can help. We know how to lay the brick and mortar of a solid business foundation. A successful enterprise must be instilled with the core principals and best practices of a sustainable business. We assess your goals and find long term solutions to your needs.


Budget Planning

Budget planning can be overwhelming. If you want to make quarterly or yearly forecasting with confidence, you need a thorough budget plan. To effectively balance your expenses and revenue, budget management must be ongoing and be able to change as new factors are encountered. Our tools and expertise have proven invaluable for our clients. Tell us about your goals today and see what we can do for you.


About Consortium

Consortium Services has been a contributing member of the computer technology industry since 1999, specializing in web design and hosting services, as well as custom web application development.

Our collaborative skills give us an advantage on any project you may dream up or may require assistance to further. Most of our clients have existing software that just doesn't quite cut it for the job. We're here to bridge the gap between what you have and what you need; efficiently, affordability, and professionally.

Serving the Portland Metropolitan Area

Our network operations center is located in the heart of downtown Portland, OR. Consortium offices are located in Portland OR, and Vancouver WA, however, we commonly do business all over the United States and Canada.

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