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Why Ransomware is your worst Nightmare!

Date: 9/26/2017

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Malware has been present since the dawn of the internet itself. Over the years Malware has changed and grown as we have, it comes in many different forms from Virus’s that infect software, Adware that targets specific ads at an individual, Spyware that spies on you, and much more…

Since 2015 Consortium Services has observed a rise in what is considered the worst malware of all RANSOMWARE!

When a computer gets infected with Ransomware all files on the system will become encrypted and useless, you will not be able to open any files of importance. Any time you attempt to launch an application you will receive a pop message from the cyber-criminal who created the Ransomware demanding you pay them an absurd amount of money to release your system and return it to its previously working state.

So if I run anti-malware it will fix it, right?

Sorry, not with Ransomware. The encryption used to lock down your files is very intricate and complex, early forms of Ransomware are defeat-able but the likelihood of having an earlier version is not likely. Anti-Malware software can help detect and prevent Ransomware, but once Ransomware has taken control of your system anti-malware will be deemed useless.

The best way to restore your system is from a backup that was taken before the attack occurred. There are many ways that you can do this, by using a recovery disc, a removable disk drive, or off-site backup. Consortiums off-site backup services have been used dozens of times in the past years to recover critical systems for large companies and small businesses.

How do I prevent my System from getting infected?

•    Make regular backups of your computers.
•    Say NO to suspicious emails and links.
•    Be conscious of what websites you visit and potentially dangerous links they hold.
•    If you use Java or Flash, keep them up to date.
•    Make sure only admins can install software with the use of their passwords.

If you find yourself to be the victim of Ransomware please do not pay the ransom to the cyber-criminals, there is no guarantee that they will release your system and it further encourages hackers to continue to create Ransomware.



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