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Create Better and Safer Passwords!

Date: 10/24/2019

Catagory : Helpful Tips

Computing power has significantly increased in the last two decades. Hackers and thieves take advantage of their machines to do whats called a BRUTE FORCE ATTACK.

These type of attacks are used to crack the passwords to servers, workstations, email, subscription services and much more, by submitting thousands of password guess’s a second. Once these passwords are found, hackers and thieves will steal information, lock you out of your own systems and wreak havoc on your saved data.

Take action and protect yourselves! It is easy to create passwords that are harder to crack and actually easier to remember, to learn more check out this article on

To make a password harder to hack it simply needs to be longer, the US keyboard layout hosts 96 characters ranging from numbers, letters, punctuation, and other special characters. The brute force attack method attempts to try and guess your password by trying every character and then repeating for each addition character length. A password that is made up of 11 characters can be guessed in 3 days if the computer could make 1000 guess’s a second. A password consisting of 25 characters can take up to 550 years to guess.

Misspelling words and mixing them with special characters and numbers cannot stop a computer running a brute force attack. At best it can stop a person with malicious intent.

This means you don’t have to confuse yourself trying to create complex passwords that you may even find it hard yourself to remember. Instead try creating passwords that are a sentence long that make sense to you.

Take the time to review the way your organization creates passwords, and reduce the risk of a major catastrophe.



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